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1940 AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom

AAUP Utah Conference

Statement of Purpose

Defense of academic freedom is the central purpose of UVU-AAUP. Academic freedom is public trust granted to professors as professionals. Claims to academic freedom are legitimate if the inquiry furthers understanding of the human condition and/or natural process. Autonomy of inquiry, unfettered by political pressure, is the élan vital of the academic enterprise.

Contact Points

If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions for the UVU-AAUP please contact David Richard Keller, current UVU-AAUP chapter President.

David Richard Keller
President, UVU-AAUP
Utah Valley University
Mailstop 243
800 W University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058

(801) 863-6363
E-mail: david_keller AT comcast.net

Office Location:
Liberal Arts 109b