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1940 AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom

AAUP Utah Conference

Statement of Purpose

Defense of academic freedom is the central purpose of UVU-AAUP. Academic freedom is public trust granted to professors as professionals. Claims to academic freedom are legitimate if the inquiry furthers understanding of the human condition and/or natural process. Autonomy of inquiry, unfettered by political pressure, is the élan vital of the academic enterprise.


david David Richard Keller, President
A Philosopher by training, David is adamant that academic inquiry, while replete with political ramifications, must be protected from political interference. Otherwise the Academy becomes an mere appendage of political agendas and corporate interest, and looses its vital role in furthering the ideals of open society and democracy. Citizens outside the Academy ought to respect the professoriate's good sense to educate students in the manner we see best.
Scott Abbott, Vice President
Professor of Integrated Studies and Philosophy and Humanities, Scott Abbott was Co-President (with Sam Rushforth) of the BYU Chapter of the AAUP. Interaction with the BYU Administration that ended with BYU on the AAUP list of censured administrations taught him that academic freedom is academic, as they say, when nothing is at stake. When passions run high, however, when we´re threatened by fear, when ideology trumps science, when economic pressure is brought to bear, academic freedom is our bedrock, our guarantor of the possibility of truth and justice, our hope for intelligent and compassionate community.
Rick McDonald, Secretary
An Associate Professor of English and Literature and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Ethics, Rick McDonald has been working for the last 10 years to ensure the Academic Freedom of faculty members in relation to the internet and acceptable uses of technology at UVSC. As an active member of Graduate Assistants United (92-97) Rick served in various roles including Vice President and Grievance Officer.
Elaine Elaine Englehardt, Treasurer
As a professor of thirty years, Elaine's professional focus has been on ethics and ethics education. She believes that as faculty we must create individuals of a distinctive kind--people who think critically, who know how to evaluate problems, who discuss issues civilly, who communicate well orally and in writing and who care about and strive to do what is morally right. All of these educational tools must be protected. As a Distinguished Professor of Ethics, Elaine strives to help students, faculty and community be prepared to engage in serious reflection on personal, social and professional ethics.